Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perrault and Grimm LRRH

I would say that in both of these stories that LRRH's ignorance of the dangers of a wolf is to blame for her downfall.

In the Grimm story LRRH told the wolf where her grandmother lived. The wolf suggested that LRRH check out the flowers as they were so beautiful. LRRH thought it would be nice to bring her grandmother some flowers as well so she proceeded to pick some while the wolf was able to run to grandmothers house and eat her up.

In the Perrault version of the story LRRH, once again, told the wolf exactly where her grandmother lived. The wolf suggested that they each take different routes and see who got to grandmother first. LRRH went the long way and picked up nuts and berries along the way. This gave the wolf time to run to grandmothers and eat her all up.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney and his life.

I do not think Disney ruined the Fairy Tale but I do believe that he monopolized the market and that many Fairy Tales are now associated with the name of Walt Disney.

Fairy Tales first started orally. They were spoken to a group or a tribe of people. After that, Fairy Tales were written down and became literary Fairy Tales. We read a few things in the past couple week about oral and literary Tales and how unreliable these methods can be.

Someone may have spoken a Fairy Tale before someone wrote it down but the person whom wrote it down was usually given credit. This does not mean that people did not create spin-offs of Fairy Tales, which is what I believe that Walt Disney did. He created spin-offs of Fairy Tales to captivate audiences on screen.
Zipes did bring up the point in which "In the case of Walt Disney, has signed his name prominently on the screen. In fact for a long time, Disney did not give credit to the artists and technicians who worked on his films." (342) This, I believe, is why people so closely connect Fairy Tales with Walk Disney. His name is on every movie that was made so people automatically think "Disney" when speaking about "Snow White" or some other Fairy Tale.

In this reading there is no real image of womanhood but instead of manhood. Disney takes on material from his own life and places it into some of his Fairy Tale spin-offs. 

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